AL-JANA/ARCPA works with communities that face marginalization in Lebanon in documenting and disseminating their empowering experiences and cultural contributions. Stemming from its work in the arts, AL-JANA produces learning and creative resources by and for children and youth, believing in their creative capacity as agents of change: deeply rooted in their community’s history and culture yet able to look at the world with critical eyes and express themselves openly and creatively. This is some of the work of children and youth who have become empowered to build on their strengths, and to turn challenges into opportunities.

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Members (15) A'adela Dajani Badria El-Ousta Bassem Saab Ghazi Abi Saab Hala Sayigh Husni Zeina Intissar Abou Khadra Jihan Sfeir May Haddad Moa'taz El-Dajani Mouna Abboud Mounzir Jaber Olga Nour Majdalani Reema el Farouki Rosemary Sayigh
President Bolous Mattar