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Away From Home Again

After the armed clash that occurred in Nahr El Bared Refugee Camp in the North of Lebanon, around 40,000 people of the inhabitants of the camp were displaced to a nearby camp called Baddawi. The humanitarian situation of the displaced people was miserable; the living conditions were below standards where the camp was hosting three […]

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Self-Portrait Workshop

This workshop worked with a group of women from Nahr El Bared, Al Baddawi and Tripoli area. It looked at different ways we can make a self-portrait using our bodies, movement, objects, media, and the environment to express who we are and tell our stories.

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Nahr El Bared 2007: Clowning Workshop

The clowning workshop aimed at developing the children’s abilities and helping them express through clowning. 42 children (26 female and 16 male) took part in this eight-days workshop, that was full of surprises, funny expressions and new techniques developed by the children. All the members of each group created together small sketches related to their […]

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Nahr El Bared Activities, 2007

In May 2007, fighting broke out in Nahr el Bared camp near Tripoli (northern Lebanon) between Fatah al Islam, an Islamist group, and the Lebanese Armed Forces. The conflict evolved to the siege of Nahr el Bared, home to around 30,000 Palestinian refugees.

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