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Ahl El-Amal Magazine

أهل الامل استلهم هذا العدد نضالات تُعزّز الاقتناع أن «الأهالي هم الأمل والحل».  من إبداعات لجان الأحياء في الانتفاضة الأولى في فلسطين إلى اللجان الشعبية في انتفاضات تونس ومصر المتجددة، إلى نضالات المرأة اليمنية والمغربية والمصرية في الحراك المستمر.  نامل ان تساهموا في اغناء هذا الموقع … حتى نبقى على قيد الامل

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Our Country Why Have You Fortaken Us – Ya baldna Leish Hajartina

Ya baldna Leish Hajartina “our country why have you fortaken us” focused on part on answering the questions that we collected from children and youth, (the 4th generation of refugee children), about the uprooting of 1948.

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Al-Jana Al-English #2, May 2002

Editorial The history of palestinian Oral History: Individual Vitality and Institutional Paralysis by Rosemary Sayigh Interviews Gaby Abed, recorded in Yafa, October 26,1998 Ibrahim Abu-Lughod, recorded in Ramallah June 12, 2000 Jamil Arafat, recorded in Mashhad, April 14, 2000

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Sukar Yafa

“I dreamt that my grandmother held me by the hand and flew with me to Palestine.” She looked down and said “This is our village my grandson.” I descended and she continued her flight.

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